We did take it apart to check for metal possibly being trapped inside, it looked like brand new. They replaced all the lifters, said no other damage, problem lifters were on cylinders 6 and 7. Why cant u just unplug the solenoid on back of engine by oil pressure sensor? Fortunately, the old engine hadnt been shipped back to the remanufacturer. Now i have my mechanic trying to follow a YouTube video I saw with a guy and a rod and a hammer. Plug the tuner into your GM vehicle's OBDII diagnostic port, and follow the instructions provided to update the engine control module's program The new program will make sure that AFM never engages. We need availability of a replacement engine without the AFM. i currently get 8 mpg with the vortec 350 and a 4l60, I have a 99 Sub k1500 that i get 16 to 18 hwy loaded lightly, I get about 14 on my 95 Tahoe 2 door with 5.7 and 4l60. If the lifter actually fails so that the mechanism wont release, it wont work. I want to put a AFM disabler in it what all do I need to have done. Corvette that does employ AFM. With 40000 RANGE TECNOLOGY.COM. Keith, sometimes they will only replace one lifter rather than the whole setIf thats the case, another lifter can fail again pretty quickly. Thank you for your time. September 2017, I got talked into trading for 2017 AFM this was a bad choice 5.3 engine. Chris, when you did your delete, did you also change the cam at the same time? He claims that GM used the same engine whether it was or was not equipped with AFM in this year and model? Definitely dont want to do anything to fix one problem and create another. You also need the disabler installed in your obd connector. Hello! Good point which begs the questuion, why does the Service Stabilitrak error seem to coincide with lifter failure? General Motors has issued a service update for 2021 model year full-size truck and SUV models that are being shipped to dealerships and may be affected by valve lifter problems. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. You may want to update your post. If someone didnt want to spend gas buy a Toyota. If AFM has been deleted, its common just to use a Dorman drain plug (m14 x 1.5) to remove the pressure relief valve entirely. So I researched and got an AFM disabler. [], [] rugged iron block 6.0L came with VVT, but without Active Fuel Management, which saves you the cost of an AFM delete [], [] The LH6 engine is a 5.3L Gen. IV aluminum engine that replaced the LM4 in 2005. Thanks. Why have you not gotten a reply from Mr Nutter, Buying a Silverado 6.2L. I traded in a 2004 4.8 L with 256000KM on it that ran like a clock and never gave me a problem. But not sure very annoying. The problem:. Do you think I can still disable AFM? Engine starts but is throwing a misfire on cyls 4,7. I just took a long trip and it used 1.5 quarts of oil. The system uses solenoids to deliver oil pressure to control. HP tuners is not for someone like me that doesnt know how to use it and from what I read neither the range nor diablo plug and play device will work since the buicks pcm files are different than all other GM vehicles that came with afm because it was tuned in house at gms performance division. When they are locked into position, they wont wear further and cause issues down the road. What if the pressure relief valve is stuck OPEN and the oil pressure never gets up to where it needs to be? According to CarComplaints.com, several drivers have had excessive oil consumption issues for a while from 2007 to 2011. A bad lifter can be a minor repair if you get it fixed immediately after you hear an issue. My 5.3 has a vin code of O. Once I get it back, could I install the Disabler safely. Hopefully he can free up the stuck/collapsed lifter. Its Chrysler and Ford. Bought an 07 GMC Yukon 5.3 with the AFM, 87k. They have plastic casing, so you can imagine what will happen with aged plastic. There is a note in the TSB that states the bulletin doesnt apply to the LH6 used in the Rainier, Trailblazer, and Envoy due to a different design oil pan and AFM relief valve. Thats not all bad because it saves the cost of an AFM delete kit. [], I have 2007 5.3 its a new motor this truck scares me 9000.00 these trucks are jokes The Tundra fares better but the frame has the rigidity of wet spaghetti and the 5.7 has had problems with VVT solenoids and the plastic timing chain tensioners. The materials used in the engine were [], I have a 2018 GMC with the Eassist and AFM This system is the most effective way to disable AFM. Put everything back together proper torque, gakets, valve seals, etc. Please report back if you have any issues, but I think you are in good shape. Took the heads off again. The most common issue GM vehicle owners with AFM report is increased fuel consumption. After taking a $3.6h bath on the lifter/valve work and doing a little research, how can GM allow a problem like this AFM continue from 07 to present? I only have ~ 5k miles on it, and it hasnt been driven hard, so Im assuming the lifters are fine. If you installed a factory truck cam, there shouldnt be any particular reason for it to be down on power. [] engines is that when VVT (variable valve timing) appeared and was later followed by AFM (which is Active Fuel Management, when the engine deletes four cylinders under light load) both of these packages drastically affect []. The Range AFM/DFM Disabler allows your V6 or V8 GM vehicle to run in full cylinder mode at all times, preventing the Active and Dynamic Fuel Management systems from dropping cylinders. I will be installing the AFM deactivator tonight when I get hoe. This may show as low oil pressure or code P0521 or P0523 and is a relatively inexpensive fix as well. I recently bought a 2018 Silverado 5.3L with AFM. In 2010, GM added a deflector (p/n) NAL-12639759 to redirect in into the pan. Also replaced push rods rocker arms and rocker plate guide because if wore push rod and crack in rocker arm. The engine will normally operate on 8 cylinders in V8 mode during starting, idling, and medium or . Would it be fine to go ahead with the AFM Disabler? Mine did at the exact same time. I am trying to prevent same issue. Everything was fine for two weeks, ow customer complains s it same noise it made as before. Yes a poor design but a flaw ? With 40000 However I do have 7 year bumper to bumper warranty that covers this problem if I start to get lifter problems over the next 2 years.. On the other hand if get the AFM disabler installed I am pretty sure that I void the warranty from what I read on the policy. Brian, You can unplug the sensor on the vacuum booster and it will fool the computer into thinking there is a high demand on the engine and shut down the AFM system but you will have a Check engine light in your face for doing so . I am not in a position to have a new cam and lifters installed but Im also not in a position to not having a running truck! Cant believe they havent fixed this in a decade. When a deactivated cylinder is reactivated, the control system opens the exhaust valve first to evacuate the trapped exhaust gas, before reactivating the intake valve to allow reactivated cylinders to revert to the normal operation of the compression/combustion exhaust/intake cycle. Brian, I have the same question as Scott. The older truck gets 19 mpg the newer truck with fuel management gets 14. General Motors Active Fuel Management Cylinder Deactivation Technology Active Fuel Management (AFM), otherwise known as Cylinder Deactivation is a General Motors engine technology that. I have a 2007 Yukon XL with the 5.3L and am planning to do this as my lifters have failed and it rattles loudly if it starts, and runs limp. Welcome to socialism folks . I was told that before I start the vehicle up I will need to have the AFM and VVT disabled in the ECU but that would require a custom tune from a tuner as the ECU cannot just be told that the AFM and the VVT is gone. Side note, after 200 hundred miles of trouble free driving the transmission failed so we had to replace that too. My daughters car had about 230,000 miles when she complained of the problem. Brian, I have a 2010 burb with the exact same symptoms and questions as Shawn please help! A tuner can often fix that as well by giving it some more ignition advance in these regions. Your email address will not be published. Regardless of the AFM solenoid being commanded on or off. Theyre also notorious for bad cam tower oil leaks. The valve itself is part number W0133-2574213. What makes you think it was a design flaw ? Replace the cam or do the delete kit? This is in response to pretty much everyone. Would never take it on a long trip. Fortunately I received a reducing in house shop hourly rate. Cylinder Deactivation to the Rescue. I did a delete on an 07 avalanche and no have no power, any thoughts on what might be going on? General motors sent out a service bulletins to their dealers however, all dealers will not tell you about the bulletin. Pulled right valve cover an rockers on syl 6 dont move. It seems to me that the high volume oil pump should not hopefully cause premature wear but if it is pushing more oil through the heads than I guess the valve stem seals have more work to do. thank You so much! Cylinder Deactivation (Active Fuel Management) General Motors Active Fuel Management engine control system has the ability, under certain light load driving conditions, to provide maximum fuel economy by deactivating 4 of the engines 8 cylinders. Required fields are marked *. Replaced the engine with remanufactured one and had the AFM turned off with a computer hooked to the ECU. I just did the delete and replaced the cam as well. I sold them when they were new. TheAFMsystem can be identified by its components. As it turned out one of the cam bearings was failing and causing the cam to wobble (my guess) which messed up the AFM and probably some other stuff too. All New lifters were from AC delco. I also notice that it doesnt go into V4 when it is cold. AFMis good for gas mileage and can be 5-7 percent more fuel-efficient under certain conditions. Brian, I repaired a 2012 GMC Yukon Denali as the AFM lifter on #4 I take failed. I have driven it now for 2 days without issue but I am having the AFM disabled/tuned out today. My 2013 LC9 just had #6 lifter fail, got a misfire code but the ticking gave it away. Dont follow just anybody I know where it originates but in todays world I found found it to be amusingly accurate. 50,000 miles. Engine oil pressure is fine. I drive the same 320 mile trip every two weeks and drive the same route and full tank. Disable the afm. 8000 grand for the repair mine was 1,700.00 to repair, I had a 2004 small block v8(4.8) 331,000 miles on the truck,it was the usual on the maintenance front axles,etc. I would say maybe 5% of my customers keep up on their oil changes. Thanks to a properly maintained 5.3 with AFM, I can routinely get over 20 MPG on the highway. Logic says that it should not as the ECM isnt programmed to use AFM, but will it see a lack of resistance from no solenoid pack plugged in? Ive been reading, with disgust and concern of the lifter/cam situation. This new lawsuit is essentially identical to the previous. Ive got about 6 to 8 psi of oil pressure after the engine gets warm and I have to stop at a traffic light. At this state, a disabler would probably do what you need it to do. misfire or anything. Hello Keith, if your lifters are still in good shape, an AFM Disabler is a good idea. If you swapped in a LS9 cam, you will find it makes good power at the very top, but its actually down from 5,000 rpm and lower where the truck spends the majority of its time. Hello. It was well researched and tested back in the late seventies and eighties . Any advice that you could offer would be great. .That was a year ago and now I have a collapsed lifter and the most inexpensive repair $2200.00 for a partial lifter replacement. The result is improved combustion chamber pressure as the piston approaches top . Looking to tear down myself. Had nothing but trouble out of it. No it runs fine on sylinder one but not on 6 or 7!!! I have seen more internal engine failures in the last 5 years or so than I have in the first 15 years in the business. Then changed the oil. How did your turn out? Is there any reaction to the disabler when pulling a boat or trailer? Cylinder deactivation works to save fuel, but it may not be for the reasons you think. NOT GOOD!! is it still working good since you have done that with the trans fluid? Thanks. Its not GMs choice to use AFM. My question is: do I install the electronic disabler on the new engine to avoid future issues? The cost of just rings $4,000.00, [] Disable your Chevy AFM: https://www.onallcylinders.com/2017/11/30/how-to-delete-or-disable-active-fuel-management-afm-on-gm-… [], [] like front timing cover, knock sensor location, cylinder head style (cathedral ports), AFM (Active Fuel Management), and other components are key clues to which engine family youre looking []. Truck has an active P0300 code and runs very rough. AFMlifters have a history of failing and oil consumption can be a problem. I am having that done today on my 08 Suburban and its only costing me $225. Getting 20 mpg in town and 24-28 mpg highway and love the truck now with these mild tweaks. Toyota will be my next truck unless GM owns up and makes wright with consumers. []. thx Brian, Knock on wood I drive a 2011 silverado 44 Ltd with the 5.3 AFM/DOD not tuned out or delete being used and have experienced no problems or any sign of problems for that matter juat rolled over 210,000 all original factory parts would you suggest I tune it out or juat let it ride I change my oil religiously and also use lucas products for all aspects of my motor. I have 4 GMCs in my driveway right now only one with AFM its always popping DTCs, 06 Yukon (not AFM)never had a light in 12 years! You are correct. My Wifes 17 Buick with afm was my attempt to get back to gm. Thats a tough call, if the warranty will cover itId let it run out. I contacted service manager in Gastonia, NC and he was kind enough to tell me the whole history of the problem.. EPA required better fuel mileage and less emissions and GM, Ford and Honda(V-6) came up with this failed AFM system. Hi Grant is that disabler still working for you ? Can I (should I) also change to a standard volume oil pump? When cylinders are deactivated, the number of crankshaft rotation increases between firing pulses. The owner of the vehicle has apparently owned a few of these vehicles and stated that this vehicle doesnt have AFMnever did? The early part of his automotive career included working for engine builders Scott Shafiroff and C.J. Changing the sensor didnt help. I wont bother with blocking the relief valve. My 2013 GMC Yukon XL 6.2L is currently having a failed lifer replaced. I would appreciate any feedback. Well, they move a couple of times after startup thats all.Asume its the same on syl 7 on the other side.Disconected the Connector to the solenoids, no difference. Whats the next step? if GM wont make a dependable truck for 60,000 Toyota is sure to take over even with very poor gas mileage . The computers had not evolved enough to control the sytem. If under the truck while parked and it is doing it it sounds like it is towards the back of motor. Brian, I have been reading your article about the AFM. If you already own this engine you will need to deactivate the AFM system or even better DO NOT buy any GM vehicle with this engine. Once the failure has occurred, the AFM shut off methods other than that probably wont work. Why this happens is a more . Plugs spark fine engine has power at higher RPMs although it is still in Limp mode / stabilitrack message, even after driving it a few times above 60 MPH then clearing errors with handheld programmer.
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